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Product Data Tabs

Product data tabs may include product-related information such as short descriptions, reviews, additional information, etc.

Step - 01:

Enable the Product Description widget from the ShopReady dashboard and click on Save Changes.

Step - 02:

Create a new page from the WordPress Dashboard > Pages > Add New. And then click on Edit with Elementor. Or visit your single product page.

From the left-hand side, search for the ShopReady Product Data Tabs widget. And drop under the listed product.

If you have products added to WooCommerce with data such as descriptions, reviews, additional information, etc., then it should look something like this.

Step - 03:

To get the correct product data, click on the Editor Refresh under the Content tab, search for the correct product title, and enable Content Refresh 

Note: For this data to appear correctly, you’ll need to add or update your WooCommerce product information accordingly.

Step - 04:

You can customize how the product data tab will appear by clicking on the Style tab. From here, you can change how the product data tab block will appear by changing settings options such as layout, typography, margin, padding, etc.

When you’re done customizing your product grid section, make sure to hit PUBLISH / UPDATE to save your changes.


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