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Category Slider Widget

Step - 01:

Enable the Category Slider widget from the ShopReady dashboard and click on Save Changes.

Step - 02:

Create a new page from the WordPress Dashboard > Pages > Add New. And then click on Edit with Elementor. Or click Edit with Elementor on an existing one.

From the left-hand side, search for the ShopReady Category Slider widget. And drop it onto the newly created page.

Step - 03:

To add content to your category slider block, click on the Global Settings option under the Content tab. Start by clicking on Add ItemFrom here, you’ll be able to add more categories to the slider with the product category and category icon.

Step - 04:

To customize how the category slider will function, click on Category Slider Controls. From here, you’ll be able to control the slider speed, the number of categories shown on different devices and screens, etc.

When you’re done customizing your category slider block, make sure to hit PUBLISH / UPDATE to save your changes.

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