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Creating New Branches

Reserving comes with an intuitive new branch creation menu, it is almost as similar to the WordPress add new page. 

To create a new branch, simply head over to the Reserving Dashboard > Branches menu and click “Add New.”

Start by adding your branch name; preferably, the branch name starts with the location of the branch.

Branch Information

From the Branch Information menu, you can set the discount offer for that branch in percentage terms, the total food items sold, and the names of the branch and kitchen managers.


Time & Location

As the name suggests, this option lets you set branch opening and closing times with the branch address & relevant information. 

Reserving Time & Location Table Reservation.

When you’re done, make sure to click Publish/Update to take your branch live.

Creating a New User (Role)

Now to create users with assigned roles. For this, click on Users from the WordPress Dashboard and click on Add New. Now from this editor screen, you can add user information like – user name, first name, last name, email address, website URL, and generated password(for secure login).

When you’re done filling in all the required information make sure to assign a user role from the Role dropdown. And click on Add New User.

Now this user can be given access to functions according to his assigned role.

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