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ElementsReady Elementor Templates

For your optimized website customization experience, ElementsReady Addons for Elementor come with an impressive library of professionally crafted preset templates, demos, blocks, and design elements. 

These preset templates can be imported into your page using the Unyson Demo Importer extension. 

How to Install ElementsReady Elementor Templates

To install the preset templates, follow the steps shown below. 

Step 1: Demo Importer Installation 

ElementsReady Addons uses the Unyson plugin for its demo importer function. To get Unyson, head over to the WordPress Dashboard > Plugins > Add New and search for the Unyson plugin. 

Now, click on Install and wait for the installation process to finish before activating the plugin. 

Step 2: Using an Elementor Template

Now to use an Elementor template provided by ElementsReady, start by creating a new page or visit an existing one. And click on the Edit with Elementor button, once on the Elementor Editor screen. You’ll be able to access the ElementsReady Template Library by clicking on the ElementsReady icon.

Step 4: Inserting an Elementor Landing Page

To use any of ElementsReady’s preset Elementor landing pages, you can simply select the page you want to use, click Insert, and wait for the import process to finish. 

This should take a couple of seconds to complete. In the meantime, you can preview any preset templates and interact with them. 

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