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Is Dark Mode On Website Better Or Harmful For Eyes?

Is Dark Mode On Website Better Or Harmful For Eyes?

With each passing day, we become more reliant on technology and begin to overlook our health and general well-being for more screen time. The daily routine for most of us has been to wake up, check our phones for messages, work on a laptop from 9 to 5, and then watch Netflix to unwind after work. 

The websites and app services we spend most of our time on are the number one cause of our deteriorating health and well-being. 

Luckily, most websites have noticed this ongoing unhealthy trend and have started to implement updates with features such as dark mode and limited screen on time to help their visitors. Although these features have been out for a while, many are simply unaware of or have simply ignored these important functions, especially dark mode! Some have even questioned – is dark mode on websites better or harmful for eyes?

Let’s figure it out today! and answers these concerns once and for all.

What Is Dark Mode On Website?

Before we go into the details, it’s important to understand what dark mode is. When a website is in dark mode, the user interface can have a unique color scheme that is easy on the eyes and good for browsing at night.

Phones, laptops, and other electronic devices give off blue light, which is bad for our eyes. This blue light emission makes it more likely that you will get macular degeneration, which is a disease of the retina. You won’t find it right away, or even in a month’s time!

The worst thing is that it will slowly damage your retina, making your central vision hazy or less clear. Furthermore, since macular degeneration affects us gradually, we are oblivious to it and gradually get affected by it before even recognizing it.

However, dark mode cuts glare and reduces blue light emission from the display, which can decrease eye strain. You might wonder if there is any risk to our eyes, so let us return to the main question: is dark mode better or worse?

Is Dark Mode On Website Better Or Harmful For Eyes?

Most of us have a habit of using our smartphones late at night with the lights turned off. However, in the twenty-first century, we undertake the majority of our job and leisure activities online. It comes to the conclusion that we spend the bulk of our time on browsers. The bulk of websites, unless you’re on the dark web, feature black text on white backgrounds.

The dark mode has been proven to be better for your eyes and is effective at reducing blue lights. However, there is a misconception that dark mode has more negative aspects than benefits. 

Based on a thorough study, we can tell you that the benefits are much greater than the risks. And, just as there are risks to using dark mode, there are risks to spending too much time on a screen instead of walking or working out.

Let’s take a look at how it can be useful for your websites.


Colors can communicate diverse signals to our brains, which is amazing. Have you ever wondered why the “drive slowly” and “Stop” signals are all red? That’s because red makes our brain think of danger, and humans have a tendency for focusing on it. There is a lot more color that affects our brains in different ways.

The same principle applies to websites. Other hues, such as cyan, don’t contrast well against white in the background. With a black background, though, it would simply glow. The good color contrasts help you focus on reading or watching the web in the same way.

This isn’t just true for viewers, though. It also applies to your web-based job. Assume you’re a WordPress web developer who, like other developers, works on a white background. Using plugins like QS dark mode to convert your website too dark mode will save you a lot of time.

Taking the help of improved contrast with WordPress dashboard dark mode you can keep your head on, allowing you to focus better on your task.

Low light

Even though most of us like to read or watch TV at night, the whiteboard in the back is definitely a pain. First and foremost, it is annoying, and second, it is harmful. When we switch off the lights, our eyes adjust to the new surroundings. As a result, everything but your phone or computer is dark, and your phone or computer emits white light.

To summarize, your eyes have a hard time adjusting to the screen and put more strain on the retina than they normally would. Also, science has proven that it damages your retina in a way that can’t be fixed and makes it impossible for you to focus.

There’s no reason to do nothing when you know you’re going to be affected by an irreversible disease. Downloading and installing the QS dark mode plugin will solve 90% of your issues. And on top of that, it’s a super lightweight plugin that is compatible with any browser!

Sleep Cycle

Some might be wondering what dark mode has to do with the sleep cycle, and the answer is that it does. When you use common websites with common themes, you are basically putting yourself in the path of blue light. So, blue light stops your body from making melatonin, a hormone that helps you fall asleep. This throws off your sleep cycle, also called your circadian rhythm.

Even though most of us like to spend time alone on the internet, it is basically ruining our sleep patterns. It’s also the answer to why I cannot sleep at night. So, a dark mode will help improve your sleep cycle.


Even though most of us are more concerned with health issues, it’s not a problem if we learn about one of our devices’ issues as well. If you’re unhappy with the battery life of your gadget, a dark mode might be useful. You’re probably unaware of how much power light mode burns.

Producing colors in light mode is a demanding task for your phone’s battery, which is why it requires so much power, to begin with. Nevertheless, even when utilized at full brightness, dark mode is supposed to save up to 45% of your battery life. Furthermore, it improves the health of your battery.


We’ve already talked about how focusing on screens for long periods of time can cause eye strain. It is, however, no secret that it is the most deadly, and it is well worth repeating.

You are always staring at the screen while concentrating on your task, resulting in an almost non-blinking eye. Also, the difference between the text and the background, glare, and flashing all make it harder on the eyes.

Nonetheless, a dark mode was established particularly for this purpose and is well-known for it. It simply enhances the entire internet browsing experience.

Is Dark Mode Good For Battery?

Although we’ve already covered it, it’s worth digging more deeply into how it works. Yes, dark mode is undeniably beneficial for extending the battery life. When you utilize a white background, all of the pixels are turned on, which is why the battery drains so quickly.

When the dark mode is utilized, on the other hand, most pixels do not need to turn themselves on because it is the same as being dark. As the majority of the pixels are used for the background rather than the content, the white ones have more pixels turned on.

However, with dark mode enabled, the pixels do not need to be turned on all of the time and are only turned on when they are required. By using fewer pixels, it was able to save a lot of power. Also, most people find it easier and more pleasing to the eye to make pixels on a black background.

Does Dark Mode Affect Performance?

Yes, color has a variety of effects on the human brain, which includes performance. Light mode is frequently used during the day, and it’s fine to use because it doesn’t make much of a difference except for the battery’s percentage. Dark mode, like bright mode, cannot guarantee improved performance.

This is due to the fact that everyone’s brain works differently. On the other hand, the dark mode has been demonstrated to improve focus while putting the least amount of pressure on your eyes.

In the end, people with perfect vision can see just fine with the light setting, and it may even help them. However, folks with other eye conditions, such as nearsightedness, should absolutely choose the dark mode. Several studies have shown that using dark mode enhances performance over using light mode.

Is Dark Mode Better For Programming?

You may argue that dark mode is preferable for programming if you want to code at night and keep your sleep cycle. It has been shown that WP’s dark mode improves the user experience by making it easier to tell apart different elements and see the color of the font in the editor in more detail.

Using the QS Dark Mode plugin will also make the code easier to read and write while reducing eye strain. Also, if you’re a laptop programmer, the dark mode consumes less power, resulting in longer battery life. So you don’t have to worry about coding with your laptop on your knees anymore.

On the other hand, the elegant look of the dark mode will change the way you feel about coding. Yet, when it comes to disadvantages, there are none. The plugins have been designed to work with WordPress while being compatible with all browsers.


Which mode you use is entirely up to you. Everyone should use the QS dark mode because it was created to solve the problems of a white screen. If you have problems with your sleep cycle or working late, this is your solution.

If you are a programmer or a website designer, this plugin will be extra helpful for you. If you are only an internet surfer, you might want to switch to it for better reading and watching while being less stressed.

Till next time, be cautious of your screen-on time, and make sure you go out for walks every now and then!

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