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It’s official! The iPhone 14 Series is on its way! Rumors turned out to be true. The Goods & the Bads.

It’s official! The iPhone 14 Series is on its way! Rumors turned out to be true. The Goods & the Bads.


It’s official! The iPhone 14 series of Apple’s next-gen engineering marvels are on the way. All the known and teased rumors about the new iPhone 2022 were officially confirmed and made public during the live Apple Event which took the world by storm. On September 7, Apple showed the world a spectacle once again at their stunning live presentation of the next-gen Apple gadgets, wearables, accessories, and most importantly, the much-awaited iPhone 14 lineup. 



The event was held at The Steve Jobs Theater, an underground auditorium complex located at Apple Park in Cupertino, California. This says a lot about the launch itself and is a loveable tribute to the genius who brought us the legendary lineup of devices, permanently crowning him as a legend among the tech community and enthusiasts alike – the late great Steve Jobs. 


This is it! The moment we’ve been waiting for! In this quick article, we’ll take you on a journey discussing – what is the newest iPhone offering, the goods we’ve spotted, the bads we must discuss, and some totally unflattering things that need to be talked about. 


An Introduction to the New 14 Series of iPhones

One of the most exciting rumors that were buzzing around the internet was the new and improved Apple A16 Bionic chipset. Which has been touted as being a powerhouse of a mobile chip, keeping Apple on the throne as the SoC king. 


Apple Event 2022 - iPhone 14 Feature


And has been bolstered as leagues ahead of Apple’s near-peer rival in 2022. Although Apple has not mentioned the near-peer rival, we all know what it means. Heating the debate on A16 Bionic vs Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 well before the reviews got their hands on the chip and started providing independent reviews. 


And this is a good segue, to remind you to bookmark us with CTRL + D for the hands-on review of the latest and greatest Apple has to offer.


Apple new A16 Bionic SoC

Apart from the rumored performance upgrade over its previous generations or chipsets like –  A15 Bionic, and near-peer competition.

We’ll be sure to get massive Apple-specific performance uplifts like better battery life, better optimization, and most importantly, the major camera improvement we’ve all been expecting. 


Apple has been holding its ground on increasing the number of megapixels offered with its iPhones for a long time now, but no more.

We’re getting a significant megapixel upgrade with the new iPhone 14 Pro devices. You can crank out cinematic magic with the iPhone 14 Pro Max’s new wider Apple 48-megapixel image sensor. This would allow for much better photos and videos to be taken, and it would open up new possibilities for photography enthusiasts.



The Goods, What’s the Newest iPhone Series 14 Is Bringing to the Table:

Some are saying the improvements are astronomical! And to some, the improvements are not justified enough for them to invest in a new Apple device. What do you think? We’ll leave it up to you to decide. 

Here are the improvements that have been talked about at the Apple launch event 2022. 


Dynamic Island of iPhone 14


For many years, Apple has been the butt of the joke and the target of many iPhone memes because of its enlarged notch on the top of the display. But this time around, Apple has done something outstanding software wise which they are calling Dynamic Island. 


Dynamic Island of iPhone 14


This is a revolutionary new feature brought to us by Apple to improve our day-to-day productivity and ease of use. The Dynamic Island feature basically works as a responsive function ground where you’re getting access to some amazing software features in a small envelope, like getting access to messages, calls, minimaps, etc., without having to open or interact with the main iOS app. This is a new and effective way of multitasking. 


iPhone 14 Dynamic Island Multi-Tasking.


This might seem small at first, but knowing the development side of Apple, this will surely be revolutionary. And already we’re getting hits from Apple’s Chinese competition for bringing in some similar features to their devices. It’s always fun to see some healthy competition.  


Upgraded Selfie-Camera 

Taking full advantage of the new Dynamic Island notch, we believe this new upgraded iPhone selfie camera is going to be a big hit. The newly improved iPhone 14 front camera module will feature a 12-megapixel camera with TrueDepth capability and an f/1.9 aperture, a major upgrade for our social media generation. 


12-megapixel camera with TrueDepth capability and an f1.9 aperture


This enables the camera to take 38% improved low-light images than before. You know what this means, don’t you? Your Instagram and Snapchat game is going to be on another level. 


Satellite Connectivity 

Satellite connectivity is the future. Many mainstream phone brands have teased it. But it seems Apple is going to bring it first. Although the Satellite Connectivity function with iPhone series 14 will be limited at launch.

Satellite Connectivity function with iPhone series 14


But we were promised far better things in the future. For now, it will be limited to purely emergency functions like texting only. Which can come in handy in remote locations for many. 


Major Display Upgrade from Apple 

With a whopping 2000 NITS of brightness, Apple’s 14th series of phones will have the brightest screens on the market. Not only that, but it also features an improved display with narrower screen bezels. 


Brightest screen on any mobile


Apple Pro-motion Display

This is a fancy way of saying adaptive refresh rates for Apple devices from now on. From being on an idle image or a web page, the screen can go from a 10 Hz refresh rate all the way up to 120 Hz for intensive tasks like gaming or watching content. This feature will also greatly contribute to Apple’s already stunning battery performance. Even though Apple has already implemented low-capacity batteries on its devices, it still manages to outlast most of its competition. 

Although it’s nothing new on mobile devices, nor is it any kind of revolutionary new feature. But we are sure to be getting a major boost to our Apple experience. 


Rear Camera with Photonic Engine

With the previously mentioned megapixels improvement to 48-megapixels Apple, iPhone 14 devices are also getting an improved photo processing engine. They are calling Photonic Engine. 


48-megapixels Apple, iPhone 14 Rear Camera with Photonic Engine


This new and improved combination of hardware and software from Apple is offering superior image processing in the dark, with the camera capturing 2x more light than the previous generations of iPhones. Meaning sharper and clearer images with true-tune natural coloring. 


– iPhone 14 Pro Max Ultra Wide Sample Closeup


The Bads, Things the Apple Series 14 iPhone Should’ve Left out:

Well, nothing is flawless, and Apple is no exception. This time around, there are quite a few of them. 


A16 Bionic Chipset

Although Apple has outright made some bold claims about the performance of its new A16 Bionic SoC. Which is nothing new, but why compare it to a chipset from 2019!!! 

Yes, you have heard us right, Apple compared its new flagship chipset to their 3-year-old chipset, which is not a good comparison to make, and waters down the current generation’s reputation. 


Older Chipset to Newer Devices

Yes, you heard us right again, Apple has done it again. Last year we got a weakerA15 Bionic chipset with the entire level iPhone 13. 

And again, this time around, we are getting an older generation chipset, the A15 Bionic, with the entire level iPhone 14s. Which they are calling, and we quote, – ‘’Proven pro-level performance’’. And you know what the most hilarious part of this announcement is? They’ve labeled this as a feature of the iPhone 14. 


The iPhone 14 Design 

Well, Apple is still sticking to the theory of – ‘’If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it’’. The older Apple design layout is back, with minor changes that you will miss out on at the first glance. 

The minor changes are a larger rear change cut-out for Apple’s classic triple lens setup, narrower display bezels, and a slimmer top notch that houses the front camera. Even the materials used to make the body are the same as last year.

The only notable new inclusion is the new Jet Purple iPhone 14 color scheme. We’re not going to lie, our internal poll has deemed it kind of sexy, which will be the star color scheme of this generation. 


iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max Deep Purple.


The Ugly Truth about Apple’s iPhone

The ugly truth about Apple’s iPhone lineup going forward – Apple is intentionally creating a divide between its user base by providing all the major improvements and features exclusive to the high-end devices in its lineup. 

At this moment, Apple’s entire-level and premium devices are generations apart. This is clearly a ploy to promote and boost sales of their higher-end devices. And it forces people to opt in more to the more expensive versions just for all the exciting new features. which is very far away from traditional device launches. 

Apple has a history of releasing new iPhones that are not as impressive as people were hoping they would be. For example, the iPhone X was a major disappointment to many people, and it seems like Apple may be struggling to keep up with the competition.


eSim Only 

Say your goodbyes to the physical SIM card slots on your future iPhones. ‘’The iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max are not compatible with physical SIM cards’’. This is particularly a worrying addition, most countries in the world are yet to standardize on the eSim platform. 

eSims are the future, but not just yet. It’s a bit early. 


To Wrap It Up, 

The iPhone 14 series is sure to be a hit with its impressive features and stylish design. There are a lot of reasons to be excited about the new phone. But before you opt in for one this time around, make sure to do your research on all the potential downsides.

Some may be a total deal breaker for some of you. But that doesn’t matter. We’ll be sure to create additional hands-on content on the iPhone 14 devices, as well as other reputed tech content creators. 

Before moving forward with this year’s iPhones, we strongly recommend checking out some expert review content. 

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