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How To Edit WooCommerce Add To Cart Button

How To Edit WooCommerce Add To Cart Button

If you’ve ever set up an online business, you should know WooCommerce. The plugin makes it significantly easier to make an online shop. But editing it to your liking is less intuitive.

Because of this, many people wonder how to edit WooCommerce add to cart button since it’s one of the main components of ordering.

Usually, you’ll have to click lots of options to edit the cart button with regular WooCommerce plugins. But by using our WooCommerce plugin ShopReady, it’s as simple as clicking the widget tab and selecting the settings you want for every area of your website, including the add to cart button.

Today we’ll be covering all about editing in WooCommerce with our plugin ShopReady as an example. Without further ado, let’s begin.


How To Get ShopReady

ShopReady is the easiest way to implement and edit the Add To Cart button in WooCommerce. It’s free and takes only a few clicks to add and customize sections on a website. When it comes to the classic Shopping Cart feature, ShopReady has one of the widest arrays of options available in the market.

Before getting started, ensure you’ve correctly set up Elementor & WooCommerce. Now you can add ShopReady to your WordPress admin dashboard to get started.

Start by heading to the Plugins section of your WordPress admin dashboard and click on Add New on the top. Search for ShopReady in the search bar and select the first option. Then click on Install Now & Active to set up ShopReady on your machine successfully. It’s as simple as that!


How To Edit Woocommerce Add To Cart Button?

ShopReady makes it easy to set up and customize Add To Cart button in WordPress & WooCommerce. There are tons of other Cart features to create the perfect online business. Let’s set up the ideal Add To Cart button for your eCommerce website.


Enabling The Floating Cart Feature Manually

The way to edit the Add To Cart button with ShopReady is to first enable its Floating Cart feature. To do so —

  1. After successfully setting up ShopReady, go to your WordPress admin dashboard and select ShopReady.
  2. Under Dashboard, find the Widget section and click on it.
  3. Search for Floating Cart and enable it from the dashboard.
  4. Inside Elementor, go to its Elements section and look for the newly enabled Floating Cart. Simply drag and drop it onto the website to start using.

You’re done! With ShopReady’s Floating Cart option enabled, you can now configure the custom Add to Cart button in any way you please. We’ve equipped ShopReady with tons of Cart features, so you can go through them and keep editing until they’re ideal.


Using Elementor With ShopReady

Elementor in itself is a powerful program that has tons of widgets, templates, and add-ons to simply drag and drop onto your website. But it has its limitations. Although there are tons of features, those specific features often lack the required customizability options. People then go on to search for a cart button change plugin.

When you combine ShopReady with Elementor, you fill in that gap. ShopReady is made with the most popular widgets and themes and mind, and we’ve added all customizability options one might need.

As it’s made by fellow WordPress creators, we knew what problems other developers might face. We brainstormed and went through all of them to finally equip ShopReady with everything one might need.

This includes a wide variety of options for all the Shop, Cart, Checkout, Archive, Thank You, or Account Page Builders. All the page builders and templates were made specifically tailored to how to increase traffic to a WordPress website.

The Thank You Page, for example, is a great way to appreciate the customer, making them come again in the future.


Using Plugins

ShopReady is compatible with all popular WordPress plugins like WooCommerce & Elementor. It was created to be well-integrated between the platforms to avoid lags and other optimization errors. You can easily add a CSS code snippet and not worry about optimization issues.

Overall, the performance drawback of using ShopReady with other plugins is next to none, and you can use it freely while keeping your website speed on point.


Additional Module Support & Features

We believe the wide range of modules and feature support is one of the main attraction points of ShopReady. It supports tons of widgets and plugins that any modern WordPress website should have. This also makes ShopReady the best woocommerce add to cart solution for e-shops.

For example, the Quick View & Quick Checkout menu allows customers to swiftly glance through their products and make a purchase without even leaving the main webpage!

From several community reviews and talks from fellow developers & customers, we’ve come to learn that customers and users feel more satisfied when everything can be executed from a single page effortlessly. Changing web pages is annoying, so we designed ShopReady elements with that in mind.

This feature is better represented in the Floating Cart feature, where the entire buying cart can be displayed on the same webpage and customers can checkout in the easiest way possible.


Why Use ShopReady To Edit WooCommerce Add To Cart Button

Initially, we created ShopReady to solve this very issue. It was frustrating how Elementor itself is so powerful yet lacks enough customizability features to make additional tweaks to an online business website.

With our Floating Cart feature, we’ve successfully solved that problem — the Floating Cart Element can be run from Elementor and supports dozens of customizability options to keep making tweaks to your heart’s content.

There’s no need to go look for any add to cart button code on Google or online forums and make your website laggy. Rather, you can simply create it with proper integration and optimization via ShopReady with Elementor and WooCommerce.



If you were overwhelmed at the beginning with how to edit WooCommerce add to cart button, you should be on the right track now. Customizability options for WooCommerce & Elementor are somewhat limited. But with ShopReady, you can properly fill in the gaps and create the ideal website of your choice.

As a final tip, we recommend going Pro on ShopReady if you like it. ShopReady Pro is equipped with even more customizability and compatibility options, to let you create the ultimate online shop in the market.

We hope to see your website at the top of the ranks. Cheers!

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