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Here Are 7 Tools That You Can Use to Check Website Traffic for Any Site

Here Are 7 Tools That You Can Use to Check Website Traffic for Any Site

So, you finished building your website and started your day-to-day online tasks straight from your website. Now you should check how your website is performing in the SEO rankings & SERPs.

What kind of volume of monthly traffic are you expecting from your website? Is your website receiving the traffic you were expecting or more than you expected? 

When you analyze your website traffic, you can see how well it performs and how it compares to your competitors. Checking website traffic can give you some valuable insight into how your website is doing.

And how you can improve your website and the content within it to get better results and growth. 

The purpose of this article is to show you how to check website traffic by using a variety of online tools. 

The Importance of Website Traffic Analysis

By going through a collection of various SEO analytical data, you will have a better insight into how your website is performing.

The accumulated analytical data will help you understand how much traffic you’re receiving on a daily basis, and which pages and posts the visitors are interacting with.

From where these visitors are originating, the countries that are pinging your website, and some tools will even display hotspots on your website. Helping you figure out exactly what pages & blocks your visitors are interacting with the most. 

Some traffic monitoring tools also provide such benefits as email monitoring, affiliate link monitoring, etc. That can greatly boost your SEO & content marketing strategies.

What Are the Benefits of Monitoring a Competitor’s Website Traffic?

By analyzing your competitor’s traffic, visitor engagement, and related information, you obtain the following benefits: 

  • The ability to pinpoint the pages and posts that get the most traffic. 
  • Keyword analysis that is helping the competition rank on the search engine platforms. 
  • The origins of the traffic and daily visitor base. 

You can create a consistent content marketing strategy, link building, keyword research process, etc., that can be improved using all of this information.

The Best Website Traffic Checkers Tools

For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of the best free and paid website traffic checking tools. Which are being put to great use by all the top-performing websites on Google SERPs. 

Industry experts use more than two SEO tools for their SEO analysis & audit work. But for beginners and small to medium website owners, we recommend going through a couple of different SEO tools. And see which one is the best tool for analyzing their particular use case. 

Now, let’s have a look at the best tools for checking website traffic.


SEMRush SEO Tool Homepage

SEMRush is hands down the most popular online website traffic checker on the market for its ease of use, intuitive layout, tab-wise compartmentalization of tools, and more. 

Simply put, SEMRush can be considered an all-in-one traffic analysis tool that is well-versed and documented in the field of SEO. 

You’re able to create projects, verify ownership of a website, and get an in-depth analysis of the website right from SEMRush’s dashboard. 

When you add a competitor URL into SEMRush’s domain box, you’ll see a full breakdown analysis of your competitor’s overall traffic. With metrics of different kinds.

Such as the number of monthly traffic over time, traffic distribution by nation, the phrases that bring them the most traffic, etc.

SEMRush SEO Tool Dashboard, Website Traffic Analysis

The most interesting feature of SEMRush would be its Bulk Traffic Analysis capability. It allows users to evaluate traffic levels for multiple websites at the same time.

SEMRush users have the ability to research up to 200 websites at a time and compare them. All these will help you create a broader picture of your niche and industry.


Ahrefs SEO Tool for Check Website Traffic

If you want to have a deep understanding of your website’s SEO performance and want to check website traffic. Then Ahrefs is another popular SEO tool & website traffic checker that provides in-depth information on your website.

And helps in analyzing your competitor’s website traffic statistics.

If you want to check on the organic traffic of a competitor, just paste in their URL to see estimated monthly visitors, organic keywords, tracking keyword rankings, competing domains, and so much more.

This will surely help you improve your content marketing strategy by following popular SEO trends.  

ahrefs Online SEO Tool Dashboard

Using the organic keywords report you get from tools such as Aherfs, you can perform your own keyword research. Run an SEO audit, and see which search terms other popular websites from the same niches are ranking for. 

Ahrefs can perform a technical SEO analysis on your entire website. This will help you identify broken links and referrer domains.


Similarweb online SEO Tool Homepage

As a website owner, you want to be able to track your website traffic and analyze it to better understand the growth of your website. 

SimilarWeb is an online website traffic checker that gives you an overview of your competitor’s traffic and which channels are the most valuable in a stunning visual presentation of information. dashboard

Once you run a website through the tool, you’ll get a breakdown of the overall traffic, including a country-by-country report. 

You’ll get engagement metrics like bounce rate, the number of pages viewed per visit, average visit duration, and the top traffic sources for that website. 

Beyond organic search traffic, you’ll find what paid keywords bring the website traffic. Which social channels are the most valuable for your website? and more.  

Last but not least, you’ll find a detailed breakdown of the site’s audience. What kind of other sites do they enjoy, the most popular referring sites, and a list of competitive websites in your niche.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console Homepage

Another popular tool that is free and can help you check your website analytics is the Google Search Console dashboard.

The Google Search Console is one of the most comprehensive SEO tools that you can utilize and get the most accurate data because it comes straight from Google itself. 

Google Search Console Dashboard

Google Search Console provides website owners with a wealth of information on how their site is performing in Google SERPs. Including data on impressions, clicks, and average ranking position over time.


Ubersuggest's Free Keyword Tool Homepage

Ubersuggest is a freemium tool from the entrepreneur & online business growth specialist Neil Patel that offers a ton of useful tools for tracking your site’s traffic.  

The interface is designed for beginners and provides an intuitive, straightforward way to use it. The tool makes keyword research and traffic analysis incredibly easy. Even if you’ve never interacted with an SEO tool before.

The traffic analyzer feature gives you a detailed breakdown of your competitor’s traffic over time. The keywords being used that are directing traffic to their websites, and the most popular pages on each website. 

Ubersuggest's Free Keyword Tool Dashboard

The popular SEO tool is great for creating digital marketing strategies. By helping users take a deeper dive into each section of the traffic report. 

Using the ‘Top Pages’ results, you can see an overview of each published page on the site, along with an estimation of how much traffic it brings in per month. 


Serpstat - SEO Tool

Understanding your website’s current standing and day-to-day traffic status is essential for knowing how visitors engage with your website.

Serpstat provides its users with comprehensive SEO solutions that are geared towards accurate statistical data and input analysis of the website. 

Backlink analysis, rank monitoring, site auditing, and traffic analysis for other websites are all included in this.

Just enter your website URL and start tracking your SEO performance and growth progress.


Monsterinsights WordPress SEO Tool

If you want to understand your website traffic and the growth of your business over time, then the MonsterInsights SEO tool could be the perfect solution for you. 

However, setting up Google Analytics on your own and analyzing your own data can be difficult. To eliminate the difficulty curve of understanding these statistical data.

Tools such as MonsterInsights can help you break down these data with intuitive analysis and streamline each data segment. 

It is an amazing Google Analytics plugin for WordPress. In the WordPress dashboard, you can view your traffic data directly from Google Analytics using this plugin.

You can also see your most popular posts, pages, landing pages, and homepage traffic. As a result, you can better understand how your users interact with your WordPress blog and grow it more effectively.

Key Takeaway from This Topic

Gone are the days of guessing games, when you had to estimate your website performance and manually calculate further strategies. With any of these convenient SEO tools, anyone can check their website traffic data and learn how to see a websites traffic. 

Go through any number of these tools and get a top-down understanding of a website’s SEO performance, per page traffic interactions on a daily/monthly/yearly basis. People from which regions are your most active users, and so much more. 

All of these are precious data collection points that will help you improve your website’s standing in your field of business, category, and niche. 

To Wrap It Up,

Now that you know how to check website traffic on your own site and competitor sites, it’s time to put this knowledge into action.

Monitor your website traffic regularly so you can make changes and optimizations as needed. And if you want more in-depth insights into your market, then be sure to try out multiple tools.

To get a broader understanding of your and your competition’s SEO practices and strategies. 

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