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How do I Change Elementor to Dark Mode?

How do I Change Elementor to Dark Mode?

Building a high-functional website is something you can easily do even without any prior experience. You just use a WordPress plugin like Elementor. But when it comes to enhancing your website’s readability, you will have to consider changing elementor to dark mode. Now, you are probably wondering, how do I change elementor to dark mode in the first place?

Well, unlike a plugin such as the QS dark mode, elementor does not have a default dark mode plugin. This means you have to install third-party plugins. Another benefit of using QS dark mode plugin is because it’s easy to implement and more user-friendly than elementor.

So, in this tutorial, we’ll look at the steps on how to change elementor to dark mode via different plugins.

How do I Change Elementor to Dark Mode?

Why Do You Need To Activate Elementor Dark Mode?

The use of the elementor dark mode has been increasing both in necessity and popularity. So, if you are wondering whether or not you really need to enable the dark mode, here are the answers.


Minimizes eye strain

Being exposed to blue light for very long can lead to digital eye strain and symptoms like dry eyes and headaches. Therefore, activating the elementor dark mode can help protect your eyes from eye strain and fatigue caused by the glaring lights.


Improves readability

Another benefit of using dark mode for elementor is that it makes your screen more efficient for enhanced readability. This is especially when there is so much sunlight in the room, which can make it hard to read. So, if you have a blog, your users will be more likely to spend a longer time on your website.


Better visibility

The use of dark mode also comes in handy in low-light settings. Simply, it provides better visibility in dark or dim environments. For example, you can use it in bed without worrying that you might wake up your partner.


Saves battery life

Both elementor or wordpress dark mode android tends to use less energy compared to a normal mode. As a result, your phone or laptop’s battery may last longer. Some experts suggest that it could increase your battery’s life by approximately 30%.


For aesthetic purposes

Compared to other color schemes in elementor normal mode, this mode offers a really good-looking and stylish user interface. It provides you with something that feels mysterious and new.


How do I change Elementor to dark mode?

How do I Change Elementor to Dark Mode?

So, how exactly do you change your website’s elementor to dark mode? After all, there is no way to enable the dark mode feature by default on your elementor blog. In this case, you just use a third-party plugin like the WP Dark Mode or the Plus Addons for elementor. Both options are available in free and Pro versions.


Method One: Using WP Dark Mode

This is the most common and popular plugin for changing elementor to dark mode. It offers lots of features, including a dark mode for the elementor widget and multiple switch styles. Below are steps on how to use this plugin.


Step 1: Plan your dark mode colors

You need to first decide which elementor elements you want to change to dark mode. This is because, in some cases, you will probably already have dark backgrounds that you won’t have to change. In most cases, you might have to change the overall background colors, including the fonts, and images.


Step 2: Install WP Dark Mode

Next up, you should download the WP Dark Mode plugin. Simply search for plugins on your WordPress dashboard and click on it. Then, choose Add New and look for the WP Dark Mode. And finally, click on Install Now to activate the plugin.


Step 3: Enable the dark mode

After you have completed installing the WP Dark Mode, the next thing is to enable the dark mode. You could choose to activate it for a single page or the whole website.


Step 4: Activate Dark Mode for a single page

First off, you should add a new page or simply use an already existing one. On your WordPress Admin Dashboard, simply click on pages and then, Add New. Then, name your page and on your right sidebar, select the page template as Elementor Full Width. Next, choose the Edit with Elementor option.

After that, search for Dark Mode on the search widget option. From here, drag and drop the widget into the page you are editing. Once you are done, you can publish your page.


Step 5: Activate WP Dark Mode for the entire site

You can also choose to change elementor to dark mode for your entire website. In this case, you start by selecting the WP Dark Mode widget on WordPress Admin Dashboard, and then settings. After that, click on Enable Frontend Dark mode on the General Settings.

Next up, click on the Show Floating Switch tab on the settings to turn it on. You will notice that a new toggle switch will appear at the top of your WordPress admin bar. This is what you will use to change the elementor to dark mode.


Step 6: Choose a style of floating switch

After activating your wp admin dark mode, you can then customize it for a personalized look. There are a couple of floating switch styles that you can choose from. So, you just need to pick a theme that matches that of your blog.

Click on the night mode tab and then choose switch settings. You will see different styles of floating switches for the front end, including a light theme and a dark one. Lastly, choose to save settings. Your dark mode for elementor should now be activated on all of your website’s pages.


Method Two: Using Plus Addons

How do I Change Elementor to Dark Mode?

The Plus Addons for elementor comprises a collection of widgets and templates to help you customize your site using elementor. This plugin allows you to add widgets in the header or footer area. Follow these steps on how to change your blog’s elementor to dark mode using this tool.


Step 1: Download the Plus Addons

On your WordPress admin dashboard, click on Plugins and choose Add New. You will be directed to the plugin repository. In the search bar, type The Plus Addons for Elementor and click on the install now button.

After the installation, the Plus Settings should appear at the bottom in the left corner of your dashboard.


Step 2: Activate the dark mode widget

After installing the Plus Addons, select Plus Widgets on the Plus Addon dashboard. Then, type dark mode in the search box and turn it on by simply moving the toggle to the right side.


Step 3: Add the widget in your elementor editor

To add your dark mode widget, open your website’s header and then hit the ‘Edit with Elementor’ tab. Next, type the dark mode widget in your Elementor widgets panel. And lastly, drag the widget and drop it to the right.


Step 4: Change elementor to the dark mode

On the elementor dark mode widget, choose the content tab. You will see three options, including dark mode, position, and extra option. Choose the dark mode option to select a theme that suits your website or brand from the different shades of dark mode.

And if you want to customize the dark mode further, you can use the extra option setting. Click save settings to apply the changes. At this stage, your elementor should be in a dark mode setting.


Elementor Normal Mode Vs Dark Mode: What are the differences?

How do I Change Elementor to Dark Mode?

Elementor normal mode comes with 4 predefined or default global colors. These colors include primary, text, ascent, and secondary colors. Primary colors are for headings and icons, while secondary colors are for list items, price table backgrounds, and subheadings. Meanwhile, text colors are for menu items and paragraphs, while accent colors are for badges and links.

With elementor dark mode, it comprises darker background colors plus lighter foreground colors. Unlike the normal mode, this mode does not come as a default setting with Elementor. Therefore, you will have to use free or pro dark mode plugins to activate it. In dark mode, the elementor utilizes just two sets of background colors for creating the night mode look.


What are the uses of dark mode color pickers?

How do I Change Elementor to Dark Mode?

When using dark mode, there are different dark color palettes you can choose to match your website’s style. A color picker helps you select the best colors of visual elements. In other words, you can use a dark mode color picker to quickly pick a color to use in your designs.

Besides allowing you to choose colors, color pickers for dark mode enable you to store these colors. You can easily save your commonly used colors for ease of access anytime you need them.

Additionally, color pickers allow you to delete the colors you no longer need via a drag and drop feature. More importantly, it lets you rearrange your best dark mode colors directly from the picker in proper order.



Whether you want to change elementor to dark mode for enhanced readability or visibility, you can easily do it. You just need to know what plugins to use and the steps to follow to activate your elementor dark mode. This is because, unlike plugins like the QS dark mode, elementor does not feature a built-in default dark mode plugin.

Lucky for you, you can find all this information above. However, worth mentioning is that there are other plugins you can use to change elementor to dark mode.

And for added convenience, we recommend using color pickers for dark mode. It may save you time when it comes to picking the right dark mode color and theme for your different pages.

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