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Elementor VS Squarespace – Which One Is More Versatile?

Elementor VS Squarespace – Which One Is More Versatile?

Elementor and Squarespace are both robust and popular website builders. Though the working process, design, style, features, and benefits of these two are different, both allow you to build your websites according to your requirement. Without having any advanced technical and coding skills, you can create your business websites using these two website builders. So we are discussing about Elementor VS Squarespace.

The most flexible and easy-to-use WordPress plugin is Elementor. If you are comfortable setting up your website, customizing, and editing it, then Elementor is best for you. On the contrary, Squarespace is an all-in-one solution and includes a website builder, hosting, domain name, etc.

To find the most versatile one, you have to make a detailed comparison between these two. No straight cut or easy prediction is possible because both are handy tools for building a website.

What Is Elementor?

Elementor is a WordPress website or page builder plugin using which the user can create a great and intuitive pixel-perfect WP website. This plugin is an incredible option for those WordPress users who are fewer experts in technically putting a website together. So, the user can create a website without coding.

Even the people who know how to code are resorting to Elementor because it’s so easy. For help the community, some of third-party developers have built Elementor add-ons.

Here we have listed third-party Elementor addons.

Features of Elementor

The robust features of Elementor that make it unique from other plugins are the following:

Highly Responsive Editing Features

The first attractive feature of Elementor is its highly responsive editing options. This feature includes a drag and drop live editor, easy finder, quick and easy responsive editing, and reusable elements.

Also, the other benefits included in this feature are designer-made templates of more than 300, 100+ widgets, and live editing.

Ultimate WordPress Design Solution

The users can enjoy several standard benefits under this feature, including background gradients, adding motion effects to the WordPress site, blend mode, and CSS filters.

Also, the users in building their website can enjoy other options offered by this feature. Those options are background videos, one-page website creation, and unique Elementor templates.

Marketing Features to Streamline Branding

The streamlined branding marketing features of Elementor page builder include easy steps to build from a pop-up builder and an unlimited widget for marketing.

Web Creation Features

Under the web creation feature, you will be able to do contextual editing, drag & drop directly from the desktop, and Shortcuts. Also, the multi-select, right-click menu, and In-line editing options are available.

Management Features

Elementor features for managing a WordPress website are global editing, site settings, user preferences, and dark mode.

Save and Backup Features

The most crucial feature of Elementor is the save and backup option. The other available benefits are autosave, draft mode, and revision history.

Is Elementor Good for Beginners?

Yes! Elementor is good for beginners. It is suitable for newbies for the following reasons:

Easy to Navigate

Elementor is one of the popular website builders because of its easy-to-navigate features. The easy use and plenty of other features make Elementor the popular page-building option for beginners.

Requires No Coding Skill

Even beginners can use Elementor for website page building as it doesn’t require any coding skills.

All-in-One Solution

Elementor is nothing but the easiest, ultimate, and all-in-one solution for beginners to quickly design a WP website without dealing with the coding hassle.

Create Pixel-perfect Web Pages

Using a visual editor, the Elementor enables newbies to create pixel-perfect and stunning web pages. Thus it’s a really worthy and suitable option for beginners.

What is Squarespace?

Squarespace is a well-known website builder using which the website owners and other creative-minded people can develop excellent websites. Like the Elementor, using this Squarespace page builder, you can create a website without coding. For developing an incredible and beautiful website using Squarespace, you require little time.

Extensive coding knowledge is not required. Using Squarespace website builder, you can have a complete site with a custom domain name, eCommerce checkout tools, and SSL certificate protection.

For designing a website, anyone can easily use Squarespace. This website builder is beneficial for designers, photographers, artists, and other creative-minded people.

Several beautiful designs and features are available in Squarespace. To start using it, just create a user account, select your website’s template and start editing according to your requirement.

Features of Squarespace

One of the gorgeous web platforms is Squarespace, which has many features. And it helps to make your website or business page stand out from a vast crowd. Its noteworthy features are:

  • Designs

Squarespace offers dozens of minimalistic and modern templates. And you can easily tailor and modify these template designs according to your requirement. In addition, this tool offers customizable templates for eCommerce, and other award-winning website templates.

  • SEO

You will get an SEO-ready site if you build your website using Squarespace. No plugins are required in Squarespace, and you will get everything here. In addition, this platform offers exclusive search engine (Google) and SEO solutions.

  • Extensive Image Manager

You can organize and add images using the drag & drop feature. Moreover, editing images is also very easy.

  • Commerce

Squarespace has the online store feature using which you can sell your business products. You can manage subscriptions, use point of sale and fulfill your other business requirements.

  • Connected Services

The extended features of Squarespace allow its user to communicate with 3rd parties and get the services.

  • Blogging

You can easily manage and design your blog using Squarespace.

Is Squarespace Good For Beginners?

Yes! Squarespace is also good for beginners. It is really good and worthy for the newbies for the following causes:

Require No Coding Skills

It is a beginner-friendly website builder as using it doesn’t require any advanced technical knowledge or coding skills.

Easy of Use

Squarespace is a beautiful platform, and it’s easy to use, even for beginners. After signing up, the onboarding may require some time. But once you become familiar with this website builder, you will find its use very convenient.

Design Flexibility

In individual sections, all the designs you need to build and develop your website are available. In addition, Squarespace offers design flexibility to its users and makes the template editing job more manageable.

Unique Features

Squarespace is a great website builder tool for newbies, and it offers unique features. The new developer or website owner will get an all-in-one solution in Squarespace.

Strong Security

The newbie user doesn’t need to worry about security updates or website hosting. Instead, it ensures strong security for your website.

Elementor VS Squarespace – Which One is More Versatile?

Elementor and Squarespace are two popular website builders. These two allow the users to create their website without any advanced technical or coding skills.

Though these two allow you to build and design your website according to your requirement, these 2 are strong competitors. And the working process of them is also different. So now let’s discuss the following points to analyze which one is more versatile.

1.Ease of Use


Elementor is a WordPress page builder plugin, and its use is also very easy. After installing the Elementor, the users just need to create a new webpage and edit it.

Using Elementor to create new pages on your website, just select Pages > Add New. Then you will get a straight option “Edit with Elementor.” Thus editing is much easier using Elementor.

Another alternative option is to go to “Dashboard.” Then under the “Elementor Overview” option, select the “Create New Page.” Your WordPress page will be ready to edit after clicking on this button.


Squarespace is a drag-and-drop based website builder, and its use is also very easy. While using Squarespace, you will see the live preview on the website’s right. And on the left, you will find the design option. In addition, the built-in assistant of Squarespace will guide you in dealing with multiple-step instructions.

For the user’s easy using purpose, Squarespace provides a modern, clean, simple yet unique online interface. By making a few clicks on the left side design menu, you can easily create or edit new sections.

Moreover, a checklist-based system is available in Squarespace to guide the users throughout its features. Using this website builder, you can make changes to your website in real-time. Moreover, the automatic save feature reduces your worry about losing data.

Verdict: Tie (Elementor is slightly easier to use, but it is countered by the Squarespace’s built-in features and tutorial)

2.Design and Style


Without using a single code, you can easily create professional, stunning, and impressive websites using Elementor. You can customize pre-built 300 elementor templates for your website. In addition, you will get plenty of templates in its theme library for all types of standard and crucial website pages.

Elementor’s theme library templates are available for the homepages, about pages, portfolio pages, contact pages, landing pages, and more. In addition, elementor covers different niches through templates like travel sites, gyms, photography, and many more.


Before starting the website building using Squarespace, you need to select a particular theme. After that, you can customize your websites using professionally designed 100-plus themes in Squarespace. The theme library of Squarespace has categorized themes under different niches.

In Squarespace, numerous niches, including events, blogs, restaurants, real estate, and many more, covers 100 or more themes. In addition, all the templates in Squarespace are easily customizable. You can edit themes, replace images, remove sections, change fonts, and do many more things.

Verdict: Elementor (In terms of design and style, Elementor is more versatile than Squarespace. The available elementor templates are more than 300, whereas Squarespace’s template range is only 100.)

3. SEO: Which Page Builder will Rank Better?

Your websites rank first on the different search engine’s search results by dint of the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) feature. So now, we will compare Elementor and Squarespace’s SEO features.

SEO Features of Elementor

There are no built-in SEO features available in Elementor. But Elementor allows mobile-optimized widgets and templates. For example, you can examine how your website looks on mobile devices by switching on the mobile view. Easily you can make adjustments in the website’s mobile view if required.

This mobile view feature is crucial in SEO as mobile-optimized websites get priority on Google. Elementor works in combination with Rank Math (A free WordPress SEO plugin) as several SEO features are available in Rank Math.

In addition, 68 powerful SEO features are available in Rank Math, and Elementor integration is also available in it. Seamlessly these two plugins work together and offer unique SEO features.

SEO Features of Squarespace

Enormous SEO features are available in Squarespace. Those features are the following:

  • For your website, Squarespace automatically creates a sitemap.xml. A sitemap lists the metadata of every image and page on your site.
  • Search engines easily index various pages on the websites using Sitemaps. As a result, the index pages appear on the search engines very fast.
  • Squarespace uses clean HTML markup for creating web pages, and Google search engines easily index such pages. And automatically, Squarespace generates header tags such as h1, h2, etc. Header tags make it easier for Google to understand the page’s hierarchy.
  • If your site has multiple domains, Squarespace will automatically redirect search engines and visitors to the main domain.
  • You can add search or Meta descriptions on your site to describe your site’s content shortly. In search results, these Meta descriptions also appear under your web page’s title.
  • Creates webpage’s lightweight versions by using the Accelerated Mobile Pages.
  • For Google, Squarespace offers rich image search results.
  • Built-in meta tags and mobile optimization features
  • Search keywords Analytics

Verdict: Tie. (Elementor for WordPress integrates best with the Rank Math SEO plugin. It also gives you full SEO feature access and has few built-in SEO features.  On the contrary, in Squarespace, the essential and impressive built-in SEO features and, by default, mobile-optimized templates are unique enough.)

The only point of difference between the Elementor and Squarespace’s SEO features is whether you prefer an all-in-one solution or WordPress.

Elementor is for those who build their site using WordPress and install WordPress’s free Rank Math plugin. But if you want your website builder to have all the built-in SEO features, then Squarespace is best for you.

Is Elementor Better Than Squarespace In Terms of Performance?

Elementor and Squarespace both platforms allow the users to design and manage their websites according to their requirements. But which one is better and worthy enough in terms of performance is a little tricky to answer.

Both Elementor and Squarespace offer almost all the features which determine their high-quality performances. The high-ending performance measuring common features of these two are the following:

  • Drag & drop
  • Real-time editing
  • Data import/export
  • Online store builder
  • Web forms/ Landing pages
  • SEO management
  • Pre-built templates
  • Email/help desk, Knowledge base, FAQs, & Chat support

However, almost all the features are common between Elementor and Squarespace. And both allow the user to build websites without any coding.

When comparing these two, the actual user focuses on the benefits, features, price, and ease of use. Both offer almost all high-ending performance benefits to the users, and these two are really strong competitors.

Which is better, Elementor or Squarespace?

Giving a clear verdict regarding which one is better between Elementor and Squarespace is quite challenging. Because Elementor is a WP page builder plugin and Squarespace is a website builder. But both these allow the user to build websites without any technical knowledge or coding.

If you want to choose your preferred web host and set up your WordPress site according to your requirements, then Elementor is better for you. On the other hand, if you think managing the web hosting, site, and domain name is time-consuming, challenging, and complex, then Squarespace is best for you. Because Squarespace is an all-in-one solution.

Squarespace has made the website’s setup easy and quick, and setting up a website doesn’t require much. But Elementor offers much more professionally designed templates and hosting options.

Both Elementor and Squarespace serve various benefits and features. So, a straight-cut prediction regarding which is best is not possible. Instead, you can compare these two plugins to determine which suits your needs most.

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