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Best WooCommerce Seasonal Sales Plugins to Use

Best WooCommerce Seasonal Sales Plugins to Use

Looking forward to boosting your online store’s performance during seasonal sales? Look no further! This blog will explore a curated list of the best WooCommerce plugins designed to elevate your store’s functionality and maximize sales during crucial seasonal campaigns.

Below are some hand-picked plugins tailored to enhance the user experience, create a sense of urgency, and propel your WooCommerce store to new heights during seasonal peaks.

So, let’s discover the tools that will transform your seasonal sales strategy and make your online store a seasonal sensation.

1. Smart Coupons for WooCommerce

The WooCommerce Smart Coupons enhances your WooCommerce store’s coupon capabilities, providing advanced options for creating smarter marketing campaigns. This plugin allows you to implement features like Buy One Get One (BOGO) deals, a range of coupon restrictions, automatic coupon applications, giveaway offers, and easy coupon management.

Whether you prefer fixed discounts, percentage discounts, fixed product discounts, BOGO offers, store credits, giveaways, or recurring discounts for subscriptions, this plugin supports a variety of coupon types. With Smart Coupons for WooCommerce, you can elevate your coupon promotions and create smarter marketing campaigns for seasonal sales on your online store.

Key Features

  • Enables auto-application of coupons
  • Allow users to view WooCommerce discount coupons in their accounts
  • Allows you to provide coupon restrictions for precise control
  • Creates discounts based on product quantity or subtotal, with minimum or maximum limits
  • Issues coupons with various checkout options, including shipping methods, payment methods, and user roles
  • Provides the option to embed giveaway products into coupons
  • Allows customization of coupon appearance and easily duplicates existing coupons
  • Generates coupon URLs and sets start and end dates for coupons to offer seasonal discounts
  • Displays available coupons on the cart and checkout pages for customer awareness
  • Uses coupon shortcodes to display all available coupons for individual users

2. Woocommerce Sale Discount Scheduler

Woocommerce Sale Discount Scheduler

The Woocommerce Sale Discount Scheduler is a plugin that allows you to manage discounts on your WooCommerce products throughout different seasons and occasions. It provides the option to schedule discounts for specific dates and times, allowing you to automatically show or hide the discounted prices on shop, category, and product pages.

The plugin includes a countdown timer feature for both pre-discount sales and on-discount sales. With the ability to set an expiration date and time for each discounted product, the plugin ensures that the product becomes unavailable for purchase at the discounted price after the specified timeframe. Optionally, the product can still be visible with regular sale prices, providing a seamless transition post-discount.

Key Features

  • Allows to schedule flash sales with specific start dates and times
  • Creates seasonal offers triggered on predetermined dates
  • Sets up sales schedules for individual products
  • Applies percentage or fixed discounts to each product based on regular prices
  • Displays the upcoming opening sale time for customer awareness
  • Allows scheduling discount availability per time range for each product
  • Allows you to enable or disable scheduled sale discounts as needed manually
  • Offers countdown timers for both pre-scheduled and ongoing sales

3. Product Labels For Woocommerce (Sale Badges)

Product Labels For Woocommerce

The WooCommerce Product Labels plugin is a simple yet effective tool for adding custom labels to your WooCommerce products. This user-friendly plugin allows you to highlight products on sale or draw attention to specific categories.

The plugin lets you set badges for specific product groups based on defined criteria. Additionally, it provides options to display badges for products on sale or out-of-stock items or even set an expiration date and time for badges. It also offers the option to hide default WooCommerce ‘On Sale’ badges and show discount percentages as badge text.

Key Features

  • Offers a user-friendly interface
  • Allows customization of badge details and offers live preview
  • Offers default or commonly used badge styles
  • Provides toggle visibility with options to hide or show badges
  • Highlights ‘Out Of Stock’ products with dedicated badges
  • Schedules badges with an expiration date and time
  • Hides the default WooCommerce ‘On Sale’ badge if desired
  • Displays discount percentage as badge text for easy promotion identification

4. WebToffee WooCommerce Gift Cards

WebToffee WooCommerce Gift Cards

The WebToffee WooCommerce Gift Cards plugin allows you to create and sell an unlimited number of gift cards in your WooCommerce store. It lets you sell gift cards and vouchers, which customers can redeem or share with their loved ones. Additionally, it allows you to offer special discounts on these gift cards to boost sales.

You can email gift cards directly to customers, offer free gift cards with custom messages, and even allow customers to send them to others, scheduling them for a specific date. With 20+ predefined templates, the plugin offers a variety of options for different occasions, like birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays. The plugin supports both fixed and custom gift card amounts, with advanced usage restrictions based on products, categories, and spending limits.

Key Features

  • Emails gift cards directly to customers with custom messages and store credit options
  • Allows customers to send gift cards or schedule them for a specific date
  • Offers 20+ predefined templates for different occasions
  • Allows you to Sell physical gift cards and ship them to the specified delivery address
  • Provides instant refunds in the form of store credits to reduce loss risks
  • Offers fixed or custom gift card amounts with minimum and maximum limits
  • Manages customer credit balances efficiently from the plugin dashboard
  • Provides multilingual support for a broader audience

5. Finale Lite – Sales Countdown Timer & Discount for WooCommerce

Finale Lite

Finale Lite is a plugin designed for WooCommerce store owners looking to optimize their sales campaigns. Whether you’re planning flash sales, seasonal promotions, coupon-based discounts, or any other time-sensitive offer, Finale allows you to schedule and execute campaigns precisely.

The plugin allows you to set up sales between two fixed dates and times, allowing for targeted campaigns such as happy hours, daily deals, or prime-time specials. The plugin also incorporates a countdown timer on product pages, tapping into the psychology of buyer behavior by creating a sense of urgency. Overall, Finale focuses on proactive, targeted promotion to maximize conversions and sales.

Key Features

  • Allows scheduling sales campaigns between fixed dates and times
  • Ideal for flash sales like happy hours, daily deals (Wow Wednesdays, Tipsy Thursdays), prime time specials, and lunch hour deals
  • Offers countdown timers on product pages to create clear deadline
  • Displays real-time stock status through a counter bar
  • Allows for effortless customization of campaigns with the rule builder feature

6. Discount Rules and Dynamic Pricing for WooCommerce

Discount Rules and Dynamic Pricing

The Discount Rules and Dynamic Pricing for WooCommerce plugin provides a user-friendly solution for implementing various discount strategies in your WooCommerce store. It allows you to offer a variety of discount strategies, including bulk discounts, percentage category discounts, smart coupons, storewide offers, auto-apply coupons, product offers, and more.

Additionally, the plugin allows you to exclude selected products from specific rules, display quantity tables on product pages, and implement weight-based shipping and free shipping based on cart total amount conditions. With its range of features, this plugin is an accessible tool for those looking to optimize discounts and pricing strategies in their WooCommerce stores.

Key Features

  • Creates category discounts and percentage-offs effortlessly
  • Implements bulk pricing with tiered discounts based on quantity
  • Displays a quantity table on product pages for transparent pricing
  • Allows you to apply product-based discounts and schedule them as needed
  • Offers cart discounts for special events or specific dates
  • Excludes specific products from price-based rules
  • Allows you to apply date-based rules for a limited-time validity
  • Shows bulk or quantity tables on product pages for easy reference
  • Utilizes a shortcode for a quick display of quantity-based or bulk pricing tables
  • Allows you to set rules with expiry dates for time-sensitive promotions

7. Announcer


The Announcer plugin provides a simple solution for adding attractive notification bars, also known as message banners or sticky bars, to your website. These bars serve as a platform to convey custom messages such as promotions, cookie usage notes, welcome messages, and privacy policy information.

The plugin allows you to enhance user engagement by effectively promoting specific content on your website, resulting in increased user interaction and potentially boosting sales and services. The plugin also allows you to incorporate Call-To-Action (CTA) buttons seamlessly into the announcement bars. These buttons can be easily added and configured to perform specific actions, like opening a link or closing the announcement itself.

Key Features

  • Offers a simple and user-friendly interface, requiring no coding knowledge
  • Allows you to create multiple announcements with diverse content
  • Adds messages to both the top and bottom of your website
  • Supports stacking multiple announcements on one page.
  • Allows you to schedule announcements with date-time range and timezone options
  • Offers fixed and sticky bars for display
  • Provides the option to incorporate Call-To-Action buttons
  • Allows you to insert various content types into announcements, including forms, images, and shortcodes
  • Allows you to set rules to conditionally display announcements based on specific pages
  • Offers responsive design for optimal performance on smaller/mobile screens
  • Provides multiple layout options and customizable colors for personalized announcements

8. Display Discounts for WooCommerce

Display Discounts for WooCommerce

The WooCommerce Display Discounts plugin enhances your sales strategy by showcasing discount coupons directly on the corresponding product pages. This approach ensures that customers are aware of available deals, preventing them from overlooking potential savings. The plugin also introduces countdown timers for coupons with expiration dates.

Additionally, the plugin allows you to showcase coupon restrictions, such as minimum spending requirements and applicable products, for increased transparency. It also allows you to hide the discount section for guest users, ensuring a personalized experience for signed-in customers. Moreover, the plugin is compatible with both default WooCommerce coupon settings and third-party plugins like Smart Coupons for WooCommerce.

Key Features

  • Displays available coupon offers for each product directly on their respective product pages
  • Creates urgency with countdown timers on coupons
  • Offers multiple coupon templates to choose from
  • Provides the option to customize the template’s color palette
  • Provides the option to hide the offer section from guest users
  • Allows you to add links to products in the coupons
  • Allows you to limit the maximum number of coupons to be displayed

9. Dynamic Pricing and Discount Rules

Dynamic Pricing and Discount Rules

Dynamic Pricing for WooCommerce is a plugin that allows you to establish distinct discount rules for both individual products and overall cart details. This plugin allows you to implement bulk pricing based on quantity ranges, providing a mechanism to boost sales effectively.

This plugin allows you to set discount rules based on various criteria, including date and time intervals, cart details (such as quantity, number of products, and total cart amount), user roles, specific products or product categories, product sale prices, and quantity ranges.

Whether you want to offer time-sensitive discounts, reward bulk purchases, or provide special pricing based on user roles or specific product attributes, the Dynamic Pricing for WooCommerce plugin has got you covered. Additionally, the plugin supports both fixed and percentage discounts, giving you the option to choose the discount type that aligns with your preferences and business strategy.

Key Features

  • Offers a user-friendly UX design for quick and easy definition of discount rules
  • Provides separate settings for discount rules for both product and cart pricing
  • Offers the option to choose between percentage or fixed discounts
  • Applicable to both simple and variable products
  • Provides a quick reset option to undo all changes with a single click
  • Allows you to set discount rules based on specific conditions you define

10. WP Coupons and Deals – WordPress Coupon Plugin

WP Coupons and Deals

WP Coupons and Deals is a coupon plugin for WordPress designed to promote affiliate coupons and deals on your site. With a simple shortcode, the plugin allows you to seamlessly integrate coupons and deals into your posts and pages, presenting them in an attractive and user-friendly manner.

The plugin offers three types of coupons: standard coupons, deals with clickable buttons, and image coupons for printing options. Each coupon type is designed to enhance the user experience and generate more revenue through affiliate sales. With customizable discount amounts, tooltip text, and expiration dates, WP Coupons and Deals ensures that your coupons and deals are presented effectively to encourage user engagement and conversions.

Key Features

  • A lightweight plugin with responsive and visually appealing shortcodes
  • Offers live preview while creating coupons
  • Allows direct shortcode insertion from the post editor
  • Provides lick-to-copy feature for user convenience
  • Offers a voting system for individual coupons and social share buttons for easy promotion
  • Supports widgets for displaying coupons in widget areas
  • Offers user-friendly settings for easy customization

Leveraging the right WooCommerce plugins during seasonal sales can remarkably increase the effectiveness of your online store. These plugins offer a variety of features, from creating enticing discounts and countdowns to improving the overall shopping experience for your customers.

Whether aiming to boost sales, manage discounts effectively, or provide personalized offers, the diverse range of plugins available ensures you can create a strategy to suit your business needs. By incorporating these plugins into your WooCommerce store, you’ll be well-equipped to navigate and capitalize on seasonal sales, ultimately driving customer engagement and maximizing revenue.

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