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5 Best WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery Plugins in 2024

5 Best WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery Plugins in 2024

Can you guess how many carts were abandoned in 2024?

Around 70.19% was the average cart abandonment rate in 2024.

The figure reflects why cart abandonment is one of the biggest issues store owners have to tackle and why it is so talked about.

Luckily, there are multiple ways to deal with the problem, and in this article, we will cover exactly that. We will go through 5 best WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery plugins in 2024, that every business should consider.

Top 5 Abandoned Cart Recovery Plugins

Below is a list of the leading WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery Plugins with their detailed features:

  • WooCommerce Abandonment Cart Recovery
  • AutomateWoo
  • Abandoned Cart Recovery with Dynamic Coupons
  • Product Recommendation Quiz
  • Recover Abandoned Carts Suite

Now, we will explore each cart recovery plugin one by one.

1. WooCommerce Abandonment Cart Recovery

Recover lost orders through follow-up emails with the WooCommerce Abandonment Cart Recovery by Addify. Create and schedule emails to be sent after desired durations to bring back lost customers.

Follow-up emails have been shown to recover a min of 30% of sales that might otherwise be lost. With the extension, you can create and schedule emails and even include coupons and other incentives to improve conversion rates.

To optimize email follow-ups, you can create multiple email templates for different user roles and send emails either manually or automatically as per schedule. With the time delay feature, you can send messages after cart abandonment has reached a certain time duration.

To better manage abandoned carts, you can also automatically delete abandoned carts after a specific period.

Interactive Dashboard

Abandoned Cart extension by Addify comes with an intuitive dashboard that lists all abandoned carts & pending orders, along with their recovery details for the last 30 days.

It also includes all recovered carts along with pending orders with details. You can view cart details, customer names, and emails sent from the dashboard.

Key Features

The Abandoned Cart plugin offers the following advantages to store admins:

  • Complete cart abandonment recovery system
  • Email follow-ups to be sent to lost customers
  • Enabling/disabling abandoned cart tracking and emails for certain user roles
  • Discounts and incentives with follow-up emails

Price: $6.59/ month

2. AutomateWoo

AutomateWoo by WooCommerce is a feature-rich plugin offering cart recovery through follow-up emails, SMS notifications, personalized coupons, and more.

At its core, AutomateWoo allows you to create automated workflows that decrease the need for manual tasks and automate your efforts to recover abandoned carts.

Through follow-up emails, you can recover abandoned carts and earn back customers

Follow-up emails have been shown to increase the chances of lost order recovery by up to 63% and are one of the best ways to grow your store.

You can send emails at set intervals to maximize your emailing efforts. Another feature you can try out is the customer targeting feature, which identifies inactive customers and targets them through emails with special offers and recommendations.

Another great feature is the personalized coupons that you can offer to customers to increase their interest in making a purchase.

Additionally, you can send SMS notifications to customers or admins.

Intelligent Session Tracking

AutomateWoo’s session tracking technology can detect registered users and capture guest emails during checkout using the common pre-submit technique.

This allows you to gain access to customer emails which can later on be used to send follow-up emails.

Additionally, AutomateWoo comes with tons more features like a reward system for VIP customers, Campaign Monitoring, Booking Automation, Refer A Friend, and more.


The plugin offers the following advantages to store admins:

  • Automate workflows and tasks
  • Send follow-up emails with personalized coupons
  • Set time durations after which an email will be sent
  • Detect registered users and capture guest emails

Price: $9.92/month

3. Abandoned Cart Recovery with Dynamic Coupons

Recover sales lost to abandoned carts with the Abandoned Cart Recovery with Dynamic Coupons by ELEXtensions.

You can motivate shoppers and increase sales with automated recovery emails and dynamic coupons.

Craft personalized and timely recovery emails to engage customers who have abandoned their carts.

Control the frequency of abandoned cart recovery emails to avoid overwhelming your customers. It is also possible to restrict individual email addresses, domains, and IPs.

The extension allows you to add new custom email templates, ensuring that your emails reflect your unique brand identity.

This extension enables you to set up email rules and configure triggers, ensuring that automated abandoned cart emails are sent at the right moment.

Incentivize customers to complete their purchases by including smart coupons in abandoned cart recovery emails.

Define the specific order status in WooCommerce that marks an abandoned cart as recovered and also set the duration after which a cart will be considered abandoned.

Comprehensive Reports

Gain valuable data-driven insights into your store with detailed reports on abandoned and recovered carts. The extension provides comprehensive reports, allowing you to analyze the results of your recovery efforts and quickly make data-driven decisions.

It gathers data, including the total number of emails sent, the most popular email designs, the number of abandoned carts recovered, and the most frequently used coupons.

You can access a comprehensive log of sent emails to customers with information such as email address, cart ID, template name, coupon, and timestamp.


The plugin offers the following advantages to store admins:

  • View in-depth reports on abandoned & recovered carts
  • Send follow-up emails and coupons to customers
  • Set up email notifications for admins
  • Adjust the time duration for carts to be considered abandoned
  • Utilize detailed reports

Price: $6.59/month

4. Product Recommendation Quiz

Product Recommendation Quiz by RevenueHunt helps recover abandoned carts, capture leads, and grow your audience. It is a digital personal shopper that does the selling for you.

Boost sales on first store visits by giving your customers a personalized product recommendation.

Recover abandoned carts by sending quiz results to your customers so they can return to complete their lost orders.

Collect and send captured leads to your mailing list so you can segment them and follow up with targeted campaigns.

The quiz asks your customers a range of questions, analyzes their answers, and returns a selection of recommended products.

Understanding that customers require guidance as to what product is best for them, the plugin guides customers from start to checkout and helps them find products that match their needs.

Quiz Design with Conditional Logic

The quiz design is fully customizable and uses conditional logic. The plugin also integrates with Google Analytics to help you manage and streamline your marketing efforts.

Another plus point of the plugin is that it allows you to segment your customers and retarget them as needed. It has been seen that highly segmented campaigns return more than 3x revenue per recipient as compared to unsegmented campaigns.

Recover lost sales and boost revenue with a product quiz using the Product Recommendation Quiz plugin.


The plugin offers the following advantages to store admins:

  • Gives personalized product recommendations to customers
  • Utilize fully customizable quiz design
  • Recovers abandoned carts by sending quiz results to customers
  • Segment customers and retarget them

Price: $2.42/month

5. Recover Abandoned Carts Suite

With Recover Abandoned Cart Suite by Flintop, you can remind customers of abandoned carts via email and text notifications

The suite allows you to create automatic pop-ups to capture a shopper’s email address. You can create pop-ups, which display when customers visit your store before they can add items to their carts, or if they try to exit before purchasing.

Increase brand awareness and customer retention via email or text (SMS) and reward customers with coupons and promotions.

Create an unlimited number of notification templates and use A/B testing to determine which templates are most effective. Create pop-ups to capture shopper emails and
select which customers to contact based on criteria including specific users, user roles, email providers, IP addresses, country, etc.

Send abandoned cart notifications based on defined criteria as per your liking and reuse notification templates as needed.

Custom Reusable Templates

You can create an unlimited number of custom reusable templates and even use the same template for emails and texts.

Admins can review reports on the performance of notifications per user or for their entire site.


The plugin offers the following advantages to store admins:

  • Create automatic pop-ups to capture shopper’s email
  • Send follow-up emails or texts (SMS) to customers
  • Reward customers with coupons and promotions
  • View detailed performance reports of notifications per user

Price: 6.59/month


This was a detailed overview of some of the best plugins you can try out to recover lost carts. Although the process is tedious and requires a lot of effort, these plugins automate each task, making it easier for you to recover lost orders.

Most of these plugins use email notifications to win back customers, but each comes with its own unique approach. Some are more feature-rich, while others are more targeted towards cart recovery only.

We recommend you go through each of the above plugins in detail and let us know which one suits your business needs the most.


  1. How do I recover abandoned carts in WooCommerce?

Abandoned carts in WooCommerce can be recovered by follow-up emails and customer incentives. This can be streamlined through an abandoned cart recovery plugin.

2. How do I see abandoned carts in WooCommerce?

You can view abandoned orders from the WooCommerce dashboard. Go to the dashboard and click “Orders”, and under “Order Status,” select “Abandoned.” Now
click on “View” to see abandoned cart details.

3. How do I reduce abandoned carts in WooCommerce?

Easy ways to reduce cart abandonment include making sure there are no hidden charges, allowing guests to shop without logging in, optimizing the speed of checkout, using a cart recovery plugin to win back lost users, etc.

4. What is an abandoned checkout recovery plugin for an e-commerce business?

An abandoned checkout recovery plugin reduces the cart abandonment rate by retrieving lost customers. These plugins mostly use follow-up emails and coupons to win back customers.

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