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Best Dark WordPress Themes & Templates for 2024 [Free & Premium]

Best Dark WordPress Themes & Templates for 2024 [Free & Premium]

Bright, colorful, and aesthetically pleasing websites are always a pleasure to visit and browse through. But is it good for us in the long term? As we’re more and more bound to our screens for daily work and leisurely activities. We’re getting more prone to health issues like macular degeneration and common eye strain. 

Using dark mode on websites and apps is a great way to reduce the amount of blue light that screens give off. And since this is so effective at reducing blue light emissions, popular websites and apps have been hard at work incorporating this amazing feature into their respective platforms. 

If you own a website, you should join this healthy trend that can elevate your UI/UX experience with dark mode alternating visuals. With WordPress dark mode plugins, people who use WordPress have a clear advantage when it comes to introducing dark mode on their websites. 

Users can pick & choose the best dark mode plugin for WordPress, and easily implement this feature to their website with customizable front end & back end toggle switches and customizable elements. 

It is easy for anyone without any technical knowledge to pick up an ultimate dark mode plugin solution and get all the necessary bells and whistles for setting up a remarkable alternating dark version of their WordPress website. 

But if you don’t want to use third-party plugins for your WP dark mode customization, you can do so by using any of the best dark WordPress themes & templates available on the WordPress community marketplace. 

In this article, we’ll be showcasing some of the best free/premium dark WordPress theme choices for you. 

Best Dark WordPress Themes & Templates for 2024

Growth – Personal Portfolio Theme

If you’re looking for an aesthetically pleasing WordPress portfolio theme that can also double as a black and gold WordPress theme, Growth can be a perfect choice for you. Growth is a popular WordPress portfolio theme that comes with a fantastic set of portfolio templates for ease of use and customized layouts for an excellent portfolio demonstration.

Compatible with Elementor and all the popular Elementor addons, it is a breeze to work with and customize. The theme requires no additional dark mode plugins since it already comes with a dark blue, cool color scheme that is a pleasure for your eyes. 

There is no limit to how creative you can be with 8 unique, professionally crafted dark templates for your portfolio website design.

Astra – Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Although we know Astra is the go-to multipurpose WordPress theme for developing multifaceted WordPress websites. But many don’t know that they can use some popular Astra templates as dark mode WordPress templates and import them directly to their WordPress website, for example – the Astra Marketing Firm template

The best part of all about using a popular theme such as Astra is that it is fully compatible with popular page builder plugins such as Elementor and Beaver Page Builder.

If you don’t want to use any additional customizer plugins, you can utilize its inbuilt theme customizer for a simple customization experience. And if you’re worried about any Astra Pro vs Elementor Pro comparison which is better?

Rest assured that both are quite different and both augment your website in different ways.

Newsprk – Newspaper WordPress Theme

Newsprk – newspaper WordPress theme is a powerful new theme for newspaper websites that are looking to create content-heavy news platforms. With multiple news archive pages, news showcase layouts & newsfeed category filter function Newsprk is an exceptional choice for your next website. 

Newspaper websites are a demanding genre when it comes to creating content layouts with various types of feature sections and flash news alerts. 
The best newspaper WordPress theme – Newsprk, solves all the difficulties that developers might face during website creation.

By providing over 70+ premium widgets & 200+ ready-to-use Elementor design elements & blocks that are well-optimized for a speedy newspaper website creation process.


GeneratePress is our preferred theme for developing quick and lightweight websites. With a multipurpose theme like GeneratePress, website creation is a breeze with its intuitive customization options. It is also one of the most downloaded themes, with more than a million active installations.

GeneratePress has many capabilities, but the greatest part is that it’s completely free to use. There are several pre-made templates available, including stunning dark mode themes, and you can also design your own with the in-built WordPress theme customizer.

And if you’re worried about future-proofing with Gutenberg, don’t be GeneratedPress comes with Gutenberg theme builder function.

Pekko – Minimal Dark WordPress Theme

Pekko is a minimalistic WordPress theme with an attractive black & white layout. The theme is an excellent choice for creative minimalistic presentations; you can easily create a portfolio website, perfect for showcasing your work in the creative industries.

The concept of “less is more” plays a significant role in this dark WordPress theme’s presentation. The theme also includes a variety of blog and contact page templates for ease of content creation. 

This is by far the most interesting use of dark mode on WordPress without using any dark mode plugins.

Treatos – WordPress Restaurant Theme

If you’re looking for an elegant WordPress theme with dark WordPress aesthetics, then look no further, Treatos – WordPress restaurant theme can be an amazing choice for you. The theme features a minimalistic UI/UX that aims to please food lovers with stunning presentations of food divided into servings and courses.
With all the necessary pages and elements required to run a successful WordPress restaurant website, such as – a restaurant menu, food gallery, about us, booking, and more.

Best of all, each item presentation can have its own unique customized page since the theme is fully compatible with Elementor and all of its essential add-on plugins.

Signify Dark – Free Dark Mode WordPress Theme

The Signify Dark WordPress theme is a child theme that allows you to create a minimalistic blog site with elegant dark aesthetics.

The theme itself is pretty barebones and only suitable for websites in specific genres and use cases. But if you’re trying to create a WordPress website for free, then Signify Dark is the best free dark mode WordPress theme for you. 

The theme is fully responsive and dynamic for an exceptional browsing experience after content customization.

Glint – Personal Portfolio WordPress Theme

Glint is another elegant portfolio theme on our list for its modern and trendy UI/UX experience. Which has been well thought out and visualized while developing the theme and its preset dark WordPress themes.

Glint is highly responsive and suitable for devices of all screen sizes and aspect ratios. It also comes with all the necessary layouts, pages, and design elements for creating a robust WordPress portfolio website.

The theme is very flexible and can be used with Elementor to make a personal portfolio website.

Coral Dark Theme

Coral is a dark WordPress theme suitable for any website. It’s responsive and adapts to the size of your screen whether you’re using a desktop computer or a mobile device. It also includes a slideshow and a drop-down menu for easy site navigation.

Coral has different layouts, such as ones with one column or two columns and a left sidebar. You may also change the width of the sidebar to suit your needs. Since the typography is fully customizable, you can choose from a variety of fonts for your website’s body, headers, site title, and tagline.

There are also social icons in the menu that allow you to connect with followers on prominent social networking networks.

Colors may be changed to fit your logo and style. You can add more content or widgets from your favorite plugins to the widget sections.

Lastly, Coral lets you make custom menus, so you can make a menu that is unique to your website and easy to use.

Hodil – Architecture Agency WordPress Theme

Looking to set up an architecture agency website with dark mode functionality? Well, look no further Hodil is a premium dark WordPress theme that is suitable for hosting real estate, architecture, interior design, etc. 

The classic WordPress dark theme is fully responsive and looks amazing on every device and screen size.

Hodil agency WordPress theme is also highly customizable, with the ability to change its entire UI/UX thanks to its integration with the Elementor page customizer plugin.

VIP Business Dark WordPress Theme

The Vip Business Dark WordPress business theme has a nice, dark look. It uses the same features and functions as its parent theme, VIP Business Dark Pro by Firefly themes. 

Vip Company Dark is a multipurpose WordPress theme that can be used for any kind of business. It has a dark, strong appearance that will result in a distinct, modern-looking website. It will also attract new visitors due to its configurable features and sleek appearance. 

Also, the theme has been made to load quickly and is fully responsive. You can also use the plugin’s one-click demo importer to bring in sample content.

Foreal – Director, Writer WordPress Theme

Foreal is a minimalist black and white WordPress theme. Its users praise the theme for its looks and elegance, and it is difficult to disagree after seeing the preset theme demos.

In addition to the dark samples, there is an included brighter white WordPress theme option on standby in case your preferences alter the look of your stealthy WordPress website.

The minimalist black and white theme comes bundled with premium Visual Composer, Slider Revolution, and LayerSlider plugins for maximum convenience and customization options.

Here Are 5 Tips for Creating an Effective Dark Website

Creating the perfect dark website is not just about having the best WordPress dark mode theme or a darkened-out website with minimal published content. It takes a bit more effort to make a dark website appealing to the masses. 

What Kind of Website Are You Creating?

Before you choose a free or premium dark theme for your website, you should take some time to ask yourself, “What kind of website are you creating?”

Are you creating a creative website for a poetry, photography, or videography showcase? 

Or is it something more technical, like a website for a digital marketing agency? 

While going through this list, you might have noticed that some themes are dedicated to developing websites in a specific genre, like Newsprk – a newspaper WordPress theme. That is geared towards creating websites for newspapers & magazines. And some, such as Foreal, aim to cater to more creative needs. 

You should take some time and choose wisely before proceeding. 

Minimalism Speaks Volumes

When designing a website with a white backdrop, you have complete creative freedom to organize photos, text, icons, and other elements as you see fit. This is not true with dark website themes.

When selecting a dark color backdrop, avoid cramming too much material into the website layout. Use a basic content arrangement with bigger graphics and typography to increase readability and the overall user experience.

Choose Your Color Scheme With Caution

A dark website doesn’t mean it has to be pitch black. No, not at all. You have complete creative freedom to pick and choose from a wide range of color palettes.

You only need to make sure that the color scheme you choose does not clash with each other and is muted and dull so that it is pleasing to the eyes and appropriate for your content and typographic presentation. 

Black Isn’t the Only Color for Your Website

Sometimes other colors might be used for the backdrop of a “dark” website. You’re not limited to only black, either.

Switching to a lighter backdrop color can help you locate the perfect color scheme for your otherwise dark website. Which will surely give your website a unique presentation and feel for your visitors. 

Admin Panels Can Also Be Dark

If you already didn’t know, the WordPress dashboard area can also be switched to dark mode, by using a simple plugin called QS Dark Mode.

For your convenience, we’ve already published a detailed guide on – How to add dark mode to my WordPress admin dashboard.

In Conclusion 

For website color schemes, dark modes are often seen as more professional, elegant, and authoritative. And leave a sophisticated, lasting impression on your visitors. 

Now that you have a wide selection of dark WordPress themes and templates, you can proceed to the next step. Which to start customizing your website with a dark mode alternating look. 

And if for some reason you’re not comfortable working on WordPress, which has a bit of a learning curve, you can certainly opt-in for any of the best website builders for 2024

That comes with preset dark mode themes, templates, and dark mode switcher functionality. 

In the end, we hope that you’ve found this piece of content helpful and will consider sharing it with someone who is looking to bring an appealing look to their website.

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