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Best Dark Mode Plugin for WordPress

Best Dark Mode Plugin for WordPress

Did you know that by adding a dark mode plugin, you can make your WordPress more user-friendly with an alternate stealth look? A WP dark mode plugin is an excellent and simple solution for creating an eye-catching dark version of your website. It enables dark mode on your users’ smartphone, tablet, laptop, and desktop screens.

It can even detect the default mode on your visitor’s device and change light mode to dark mode automatically. 

But do you really need a WordPress dark mode plugin? What are the finest examples of dark mode plugins? In this article, we’ll explain why you need it and discuss what is the best WordPress dark mode plugin for you.

Let’s dive right into it!

Is It Worth Using Dark Mode Plugin

Yes. Using a dark mode plugin is well worth it, and these lightweight programs make it possible to easily add WordPress dark mode without plugin

By using an easy-to-install WordPress plugin, you avoid changing the code structure of your website to add a feature.

Over the years experienced WordPress web developers have created a fine assortment of ready-to-install night mode WordPress plugins, that come with additional features as well such as – WordPress backend dark mode, a curated color scheme that can be customized across the website when the dark mode is turned on, custom CSS, different presets of dark mode color schemes, different styles of dark mode switcher buttons, and so much more. 

Since all the base dark-mode plugins available are part of the WordPress ecosystem, created with the WordPress coding standards in mind, these are unlikely to interfere with the rest of your website’s code or layout. 

Instead, it has a straightforward, readable design that works well on any browser and operating system, adding a fresh well-rounded stealth look to your website.

Best Dark Mode Plugin For WordPress

As we mentioned earlier there are a lot of fine options when it comes to dark mode plugins, but not all are well suited for the all-rounder task, that can accommodate all types of websites and their visitor bases. 

So, to make things easier for you, we’ve put together a list of the best dark mode plugins for WordPress, with pros and cons for each.

1. QS Dark Mode

QS dark mode

QS Dark Mode is a user-friendly plugin that makes it possible for WordPress themes and websites to turn on dark mode. It is compatible with all operating systems, browsers, and devices, which allows it to auto-detect the default mode on users’ devices and switch on/off dark mode accordingly. 

After it’s been installed, it lets a WordPress site show a toggle icon on the screen and on the admin dashboard of the website.

With a wide array of features, QS Dark Mode is the most amazing dark mode plugin for WordPress and our top pick.

Advanced & Intuitive Dark Mode Settings

With QS Dark Mode, you have different ways of activating the dark mode display on your website. First, you can enable dark mode settings to be turned on by default. Second, make it possible to toggle between modes from both the front end and the back end of your website. 

Apart from helping turn on dark mode for the backend, the plugin makes it possible for users to enjoy your website’s dark version. Settings and customization options are divided into multiple tabs for easy customization with toggles, selection menus, options, presets, and CSS customization fields.

You can also include or exclude specific design elements from dark mode. Change overall dark mode color schemes and adjust color for specific elements. 

Several Customization Options

It is possible to customize how the QS Dark Mode button/switch looks depending on what suits your website’s overall aesthetics. For example, you can change the button/switch on-screen position, style, text position, color, shape, and more. 

In short, you have total control over how the dark mode button on the user interface looks.

Apart from the button/switch, you can also customize the theme’s color, style, and CSS. You can also change your website’s image opacity and filter. Therefore, you have total control over how users interact with your website.

The custom CSS fields provide unmatched customization options if you’re looking to create something unique with the plugin.

WooCommerce Shop

Concerns about your WooCommerce store page! Don’t worry, the QS Dark Mode plugin is fully compatible with the base WooCommerce plugin, WooCommerce addon extension programs, and all the WooCommerce shop builder Elementor plugins. 


Product documentation is often neglected when choosing WordPress plugins, which shouldn’t be the case. Well-rounded documentation can give you an in-depth insight into the core of the plugin well before you start using it. It can also relieve you of any confusion or concern that you might have. QS Dark Mode’s documentation is well-versed with screenshots for navigation. 


  • Intuitive settings panel
  • Highly customizable
  • Well-documented
  • Custom CSS support
  • Multiple preset switches
  • Multiple preset color schemes
  • Include/exclude specific design elements from the dark mode
  • Compatible with WooCommerce and addons


  • Some exciting features are only available on the Pro version

2. WP Dark Mode

Another brilliant free dark mode plugin is called WP Dark Mode. If you’re looking for a simple way to create your website’s stunning dark version, try the WP Dark Mode Plugin. It changes your website’s dark mode automatically and doesn’t require you to change any complicated settings.

After downloading, installing, and activating the plugin, users can access it on any device. It provides the best way to enable WordPress dark mode for Android, Windows, iOS, and macOS devices. You can give your website visitors the dark mode benefits even if you don’t know how to code since it doesn’t require any coding.

Customizable Switch

You’re able to toggle between light mode and dark mode seamlessly with the help of its toggle switch function. You can also reposition the toggle to different locations on the screen at any time. 

Right from the plugin dashboard, it is also possible to adjust the switch text between bright and dark hues and pick among different switch button presets.

Everything about the button, including its color, design, shape, and background, can be altered directly from the dashboard itself.

You can also create customized switch styles with CSS. 

You can include or leave out things like specific pages, posts, post tags, categories, WooCommerce products, and design elements in the WP Dark Mode Pro version of the plugin.

Changeable Dark Colors

In the premium version of WP Dark Mode, users can customize the plugin’s overall color scheme by changing the background, link, and text colors. It comes with 11 preset color schemes for quickly changing from one color to another, or you can create a new preset with custom CSS. 

Auto Dark Mode

Like other popular dark mode plugins, WP Dark Mode also has a settings option that lets your website automatically switch to dark mode based on the time in your area or your device’s OS theme. For example, if your Windows OS is set to Windows Dark Mode, the website will automatically turn on dark mode for you.

The WP Dark Mode plugin works with the operating system and changes automatically based on the settings.


  • Easy switch placement
  • Auto-match to OS theme
  • Accessible via keyboard
  • Shortcode supported
  • Easy to include or exclude some elements


  • The free mode has a few features

3. DarklupLite WP Dark Mode Plugin

The DarklupLite plugin helps turn any WordPress website into a dark mode to protect the eyes from the effects of blue light. After installing and activating the plugin on your website, you can provide your users with the opportunity to browse more comfortably.

 It has smart color sensitivity that changes the contrast between colors based on what the user wants. 

Frontend & Back end

The DarklupLite dark mode plugin is compatible with both the backend and the front end. You can enable dark mode in the WordPress admin interface using this plugin. Similarly, once enabled for the front end, a dark button or switch appears for users to conveniently switch from one mode to another.

Flexible Switch Position

With this plugin, you can place the dark mode switch at the web page’s bottom-left, bottom-right, top-left, and top-right. Because the switch might get in the way of the scroll, tooltip, or chatbot, you can set a floating margin that moves the switch automatically.

Also, you can install floating switch buttons to appear anywhere on a web page. With up to four exclusive switch styles, you can consistently achieve the looks you want.


The DarklupLite plugin has proper documentation, which you can access via settings. There are also more important details, like a tutorial that will show you how to use the documentation section. Learning about this plugin is extremely easy.

Smart Dark Color Schemes

The built-in capabilities of DarklupLite make it possible to select the perfect color scheme for your website automatically. It selects a perfect color scheme without causing color distortions on the website. You cannot achieve that kind of WordPress dark mode without plugin features such as smart dark color schemes.

WooCommerce Compatible

If you want a WooCommerce site with dark mode for a more relaxing shopping experience, this plugin will help you find the right balance between your site’s features and dark mode to make it easier to read. Besides, you can opt to show the dark mode button on some products while excluding others.


  • Ecommerce ready
  • Integrates shortcode
  • Compatible with OS settings
  • Supports images
  • Frontend and backend


  • It is a bit pricey

Does Dark Mode Plugin Slow the Website Load Time?

No, the dark mode plugin doesn’t slow the website’s load time. Website load time tends to slow down when the JavaScript files load before the content. In the case of a big JavaScript file, the website takes a while to load.

The QS Dark Mode Plugin premium version has a performance mode feature that prioritizes the page content over the JavaScript file. Turning on this feature makes it possible for the page to load faster.


So, that’s it; We hope this brief article has given you a better understanding of the features to look for when selecting the best dark mode plugin for your WordPress website.

Through testing, we found that all three of the mentioned plugins work well in the real world, but only when it comes to enabling dark mode, readability, visuals, and customizations. 

But QS Dark Mode is the best WordPress dark mode plugin for a number of reasons, including how customizable the free version is, how easy it is to set up with custom CSS fields and preset options, and how well it works with all the most popular WordPress themes and Elementor plugins, including WooCommerce, which is the most important one for an eCommerce site. 

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