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Astra Pro vs Elementor Pro – Head To Head Comparison

Astra Pro vs Elementor Pro – Head To Head Comparison

We are pretty sure that you are creating your own company or individual’s website and have come across Astra and Elementor as your website enhancer. Now you have come to this Astra Pro vs Elementor Pro article where you are seeking answers on which one you should buy to get the best groom for your website.

However, before we start the ultimate comparison between these two, you should know that Elemontor is a WordPress page builder while Astra is a theme. Nevertheless, both of them provide free service, while purchasing the PRO ones will provide you with more features than you will ever need. Let’s get started with the basics.

Astra Pro vs Elementor Pro - Head To Head Comparison


What Is Astra Pro?

Asta Pro is a WordPress plugin that enables the premium features of the theme. It will make your life easier when it comes to developing websites. You can easily personalize your website without knowing anything about coding. However, we should keep in mind that Astra Pro is a plugin that allows you to customize your free Astra theme by enabling the premium features.

Astra Pro is renowned for being the most lightweight design platform ever, with no bloatware. The flawless User Interface that the Pro feature gives is something that it has perfected. We have all heard how certain themes aren’t designed for non-programmers and that people end up reverting to simpler themes; however, this isn’t one of them.

Each of the additional capabilities that are included when you acquire the Astro Pro has separate sections categorized that can gladly be toggled on and off, thanks to the simplest interface ever. Furthermore, each of the new functionalities has its tutorial for newcomers, as well as a concise summary of what toggling this button would perform.


What Does Astra Pro Do?

To begin with, thanks to the extensively speed optimized features, it allows you to accomplish more in less time. If you have a WooCommerce website, however, Astra Pro is a must-have theme for your online store. Any WooCommerce site may be seamlessly integrated with Astra Pro. Furthermore, ensuring that your entire website is fast, efficient, and bug-free.


It’s vital to stand out from the millions of other websites if you want to create your own unique identity and build a brand. This is where Astra Pro can assist you in accomplishing your objectives. You can customize every detail, from unique fonts to custom headers and footers, to make it distinct from the competition. The best part is that you can do all that code-free.


Conversion Rate

The Astra Pro also has an Infinite Scroll function, which allows customers to scroll down forever as long as there are enough products offered. This encourages customers to spend more time on the website and, in turn, to buy something, resulting in a ballooning conversion rate.


Add Ons

The most significant aspect of acquiring the Astra Pro is the plugin add-ons. You can swiftly activate and disable any add-ons that you don’t want on your site. Also, you now have a wider range of options to include on your website to deliver a consistent experience while being distinctive.


Is Astra Pro worth it?


$59 per year or $249 is not that much when you consider the most amazing features that over one and a half million people are using. If you are using Beaver Builder or Elementor, Astra will be a big plus.

Astra Pro’s WooCommerce ecosystem is similar to your Apple gadgets in that each device communicates with the others. And with the Astra Pro, each plugin is linked to WooCommerce perfectly.

However, the free Astra theme may be used to create a professional website on any given day. Websites might take days, weeks, or even months to create in your style, but Astra Pro can achieve it in hours.

Furthermore, while most of us fail to provide the same level of service as we scale our websites, Astra Pro guarantees that speed will not be compromised. The pro version is great for businesses of all kinds.


What Is Elementor Pro?

Simply said, Elementor Pro is the same as the Free Elementor Page Builder but with wider benefits. We already felt really good control in our website with the free Elementor, but it is particularly on the content-based control. The Pro one here gives you control over the whole website from the header to the footer; it’s your area to conquer.

Further to that, using this page builder, updating your website has never been easier. Using this page builder, You essentially have the drag-and-drop option, where you can just drag everything you want to have on your website and plop the feature on your website, and presto, it’s there.

The enhanced Widgets, Templates, and Blocks are the key reasons why someone should upgrade to the Pro edition. This translates to a more sophisticated website that is also more user-friendly to create. Furthermore, the Elementor Pro eliminates the burden of having to install new plugins for each new activity you have to do.


What Does Elementor Pro Do?

Knowing what you will end up receiving if you buy the Elementor Pro can help you decide if you should purchase it or not. Nonetheless, to put it another way, the Elementor Pro brings your vision to life. We have seen this so many times that we come up with an idea but can’t seem to put it into action on our website due to a lack of expertise.

Elementor Pro, on the other hand, shows you precisely what you’re looking for and gives you a range of options to pick from, all while improving the user experience. Let’s dig in deep with this thing.



It’s very typical for a website to be flawless just on a desktop computer. When it comes to mobile phones and tablets, our website falls short of its potential, resulting in a sluggish and cluttered experience. Secondly, mobile phones have a portrayed view, and when users turn their phone sideways, the website becomes much more sluggish than ever before, and users are unable to click anywhere effectively.

The Elementor Pro comes with the ultimate view adjuster, so no matter what device you’re using, your website will seem as nice and tidy as if it were on a desktop. Also, it doesn’t matter where the user turns their phone in. The Pro version will adapt itself as rapidly as the phone screen rotates, maintaining a consistent experience for the user.



Any developer or brand’s substantial objective is to give the user an engaging experience on a website since they can get the most out of them if they succeed. Elementor Pro’s elegant motions, which come with the premium edition, make your website more dynamic.

You may also manage to design your motion utilizing the collection of over tens of thousands of motions offered. The simple bouncing of a button can also improve the user experience, although we aren’t aware of it. Nonetheless, using it to create motion effects is as basic as it gets.



The PopUp builder is the next thing on the list, and if you have an e-commerce site, you will undoubtedly need it. If you have anything on sale or want to present a PopUp on what’s currently going on in your store or blog, the PopUp is a great method to let people know as they arrive at your site.


Full Kits

If you’re just getting started on your desired website and aren’t sure how it should appear, Elementor Pro’s kits will undoubtedly come in handy. With hundreds of kits to choose from, you can alter the entire look of your website with a single click.

Kits are divided into several sections; for example, if you want to construct a tour company, there is a category called Travel in the sidebar; clicking it will show you the kits that may be used to make a travel site.


Is Elementor Pro Worth it?

The free Elementor is quite good enough to make you run your day-to-day business while also looking sleek. However, if your business is completely based on a website, then the Pro version is something to have a look at.

Therefore, the money you spend on the Pro version is well worth it in the long term. With the Elementor Pro, you have everything you need right in front of your face.


Now we’ll get to the meat of our discussion: should you buy the Elementor pro version or the Astro version? To figure out which one you want, you’ll have to go through the comparing process.

However, as previously said, Astra is a theme, and Elementor is a plugin, so how do we compare the two when they are from different planets? Well, the answer is simple: choose the one that makes your life easiest. Let’s get started.


User Interface

When it comes to making a website, the user interface in that plugin is really important since it will answer the question of whether or not developing a website is easy. Having the most user-friendly interface will provide us with the necessary tools and make it simple to plot them on our website.

The Elementro Pro offers front-end editing, which is the deal-breaker here right away. On the left side of your live front-end website, you will find every tool. Whenever you feel the need for a modification, simply take it from the toolbox and put it anywhere you need it on your website, and it will be live.

Plus, you may alter fronts, colors, and other elements by just clicking on them, which will take you to the editing area. Only Elementor enables front-end editing, and we believe it is the finest method to edit anything ever.


Astra theme and Astra Pro, on the other hand, place a greater emphasis on customizing the site to make it more elegant rather than making modifications to the page. Nonetheless, this does not imply that the user interface is poor. To modify your site, you’ll need to utilize the standard WordPress Editor, which also allows for instant edits. Astro Pro, to put it simply, is more about style.



Having a website that takes minutes to load discourages users from returning to the site for any occasion. It’s common knowledge that hefty themes and plugins slow down your website. Because the website needs to buffer everything that is upon it, and heavier things take a while to load, your website will take longer than usual.

Nonetheless, both of them are OK to pass here because they are quite light and will not hamper your speed in any way. In comparison, Astro Pro would be the winner if we had to select a winner.


SEO Friendly

It is critical to have an SEO-friendly website to rank high on any well-known search engine and draw as many people as possible. However, if your plugin is not SEO friendly, it will be difficult to rank in search engines, whereas having one that is would allow you to rank better.

In this scenario, Astra Pro is rated higher than Elementor Pro in terms of SEO friendliness. Don’t get us wrong: Elementor Pro is SEO friendly as well, but not as much as Astra Pro.


Library Quantity

Having a huge library improves your website editing capability. You may add built-in elegant elements to your website with various versions that need no additional effort than building it yourself. The Packs have already been coded by highly qualified developers and are completely bug-free. On top of that, you may use them to pile things on yourself.

The Elementro Pro has a massive library that is unrivaled by Astra Pro. With over 300 page designs to choose from, you’ll be able to choose the one you want and have it up – and – running in seconds. Astra Pro, on the other hand, offers a good range of templates and themes.



Compatibility refers to the ease with which two or more systems may be integrated so that the website does not experience any sluggish behavior. It’s commonly neglected nevertheless, utilizing an iPhone 6 with an IOS 15 will result in a major dilemma because the two are incompatible. WordPress sites, like other systems, have compatibility issues.

Some WordPress themes are incompatible with Elementor, and you may run into problems while trying to use it. Astra, on the other hand, is compatible with the majority of the well-known ones, including Elementor, Beaver, Brizy, and Gutenberg.


Which One Should You Choose?

To conclude, the battle involving Astra Pro vs Elementor Pro has never been straightforward. Each one has its own set of features and components that make life simpler for us. However, it is up to you to select the one that best meets your needs for creating a website.

When you are trying to create a website from scratch, like a building, Elementor Pro is usually advised. Astra Pro, on the other hand, is the way to go if you want to take your website’s aesthetic to the next level!

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